Start-End Times

Depending on the event, we arrive anywhere from 40 mins (home parties) to 1hr/1.5hr (wedding, corporate events) prior to your Event to ensure our duties are completed prior to guests arriving. We depart roughly an 1hr after your event ends. This includes bar tear down & venue clean up.

What To Expect

Through-out the event, we will clear tables of plastic cups, empty bottles and/or glassware (bar glassware only). All bottles and cans are bagged and taken off site for recycling. Final clean up of all plastic cups, empty bottles and/or glassware done at the end of the night. All garbage will be collected and bagged and placed in the garbage area (corporate events) or on your curb (home events). If you require additional duties, please contact to discuss as arrangments can be made.

Our Attire

Our general dress code is black on black, typically our logo on a black dress/skirt/top depending on the weather. Depending on your event, you can chose to have the bartender in long pants, button up shirt, specific dress code etc.   Please specify if there is a particular dress code for your event.

Liquor License

 A liquor license is required for all events/venues that will be serving alcohol and is the hosts’ responsibility/liability to get a license UNLESS your event is held at a private residence. If you require us to purchase the liquor, we will provide the liquor license at a cost.


Gratuities/Tips are not included in the services we offer, but are greatly appreciated. Choose either a tip jar, our bartender can bring her own which is a great way for your guests to show their appreciation for our hard work OR we can add an additional 18% to your final bill.


Once your have confirmed your event with us, we require a non-refundable deposit payable by Visa, MasterCard or E-Transfer to “hold the date”. Full payment is due two weeks prior to your event (depending on certain add-ons, or if we are supplying alcohol) or at the start of the event if no add-ons are requested  .